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Transform Your Body, Empower Your Health: Unlock Your Potential with Our Tailored Diet Services!

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Corporate Wellness

Nourish Your Success: Empowering Corporate Wellness Through Customized Nutrition Plans!

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Lectures / Seminarss

Empowering Lives through Knowledge: Unleashing the Secrets to Optimal Wellness and Nutrition!

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Online Consulting

Revitalize Your Health with Personalized Clinical Diet Consultation from Anywhere on just a phone call.

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Founding Director OF Bollywood diet Consultant

From the Dietitian's Table: Nourishing Health, One Bite at a Time

Welcome to the heart of my practice, where the power of nutrition comes to life. As a dedicated clinical dietitian, I have had the privilege of witnessing the profound impact of food choices on our health, happiness, and overall well-being.

PICTURE this: a beautifully set table filled with vibrant fruits, crisp vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and an array of colorful ingredients. This is where the magic begins. Each meal, each bite is an opportunity to nourish not only our bodies but also our souls. Food is more than sustenance; it is a source of joy, connection, and healing.

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best dietitian and nutritionist in surat

About Bollywood Diet Consultant!

We provide various services, which include weight loss programs, nutrition coaching, corporate and work place wellness and much more which helps you get a body just like the Bollywood stars. Our expert advice will help you maintain a good physique, long, happy and healthy life. We guide you in every step of getting a good body by offering you the best quality services in the industry.It is seen that these days people are becoming fitness freaks. A fit and healthy body is all that they want. The best option for this is to follow a diet consultant because only a consultant knows what the demand of a healthy body is, similarly weight consultant can help you lose weight and you can get rid of your obesity.

Gone are the days when people were least bothered about their fitness. Todays scenario shows the concern of people for their well being, but in our busy schedule we start ignoring our diet and obesity overpowers our body.

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Achievement Bollywood diet Consultant

Roshni Pithawala, a highly driven clinical diet consultant with a strong academic foundation in Food Science, Nutrition, Clinical Dietetics, and Hospital Administration, aims to widely disseminate nutritional knowledge through rigorous research. Currently holding positions as a consultant clinical dietitian at Unique Hospital and HOD Clinical Dietitian at Bharat Cancer Hospital in Mumbai, Roshni's extensive experience spans across various renowned institutions such as Sterling Hospital in Ahmedabad, Infinity Medical Centre, Dalvi Hospital, Nagpada Police Hospital, Masina Hospital, and corporate roles with Bank of India and Kotak Mahindra Bank. Her expertise and dedication have significantly impacted healthcare professionals' education and patient satisfaction in the realm of nutrition.

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"Improve Your Diet Through Addition, Not Subtraction".

"Our approach as clinical dietitians revolves around enhancing your meals by incorporating healthier choices, rather than focusing on deprivation or restriction".

Antenatal Wellness?

"Milk it for all it's worth – nurturing your health with the goodness of milk during pregnancy."

Blood pressure wellness?

"Garlic’s gentle power – a flavorful ally in managing hypertension for a heart-healthy lifestyle."

Confronting Diabetes?

"Stabilize with strength – opt for lean proteins to navigate the path of diabetes management."

Distress Gut?

"Harmony begins from within – prioritize your gut health for a radiant external glow."

Fertility Challenges?

"Plant the seeds of fertility – embrace plant-based proteins for a fertility-focused nutrition approach."

Hormonal Disarray!

"Balance in a bowl – embrace leafy greens for harmonizing your hormonal symphony."

Liver wellness?

"Sip on green tea, detoxify your way to a healthier liver and overall well-being."

PCOS Challenge?

"Sweet relief with berries – a delectable remedy tailored for PCOS concerns."

Struggling with Skin/Hair?

"Nourish from within – unlock the secret to healthy skin and hair through essential micronutrients."

Thyroid disorder?

"Metabolism makeover – let’s fine-tune your nutrition to support a healthy thyroid function."

Under-weight Concerns?

"Nutrient-rich nuts – a wholesome strategy to add healthy weight and vitality."

Weight Surplus?

"Trim down with fiber – our solution to shedding excess weight while nourishing your body."

Feel free to reach out for details on our clinical diet Health programs

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Bollywood Diet Consultant the best diet & fitness consultant in Surat. Their expert guidance and personalized approach have been instrumental in my remarkable transformation. With their support, I achieved my fitness goals, gained invaluable nutritional knowledge, and developed lifelong healthy habits. Their dedication and professionalism truly set them apart. Highly recommended!

- Nilima

Roshni Pithawala is the best dietitian in Surat! Truly transformed my life! Her profound knowledge, personalized meal plans, and unwavering support helped me achieve my health goals effortlessly. With her guidance, I learned to make sustainable lifestyle changes and developed a healthier relationship with food. Her expertise is unmatched!

- Sarika

Roshni Pithawala is the best sports nutritionist in Surat. She has been a game-changer for my athletic performance. Her deep understanding of sports nutrition and tailored approach to my specific needs has enhanced my endurance, strength, and recovery. Her expertise & dedication is an invaluable asset to any athlete's journey!

- Dikshant

Bollywood Diet Consultant is the best fitness consultant in Surat. They revolutionized my approach to fitness. Their comprehensive understanding of exercise and nutrition, coupled with their personalized guidance, has transformed my physique and overall well-being. With their expertise, I've surpassed my fitness goals and gained a newfound confidence.

- Ashwini

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