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Unique Hospital,
Opp kiran motor,
Nr. canal,
Civil hospital,
Charasta - sosyo circle-lane, Off ring road,
Surat - 395002
Consulting Timing: 1 pm To 3 pm
(Mon - Sat)

Sunshine Global Hospital,
Dumas Rd,
Beside Big Bazar,
Piplod, Gujarat
Surat - 395002
Consulting Timing: 6 pm To 8 pm
(Mon - Wed - Fri)

Bharat Cancer Hospital & Research Institute.
"Manavdaya Trust Sankul",
Surat - Bardoli Road,
Surat - 395010
HOD (Clinical Dietetics Department)

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It is well said that “Health alone is a victory” and ill health of a body or mind is a defeat. To stay healthy is a wish of every person and for good health they put their efforts to their level best. But, at times due to lack of nutrition knowledge people are not able to gain a good health even after trying again and again.

  • Personal/Family wellness: Every member of family is important and so is their health. We provide special diet solutions suitable for the family and individuals by which we contribute in creating a healthy future.
  • Corporate wellness: Once you step in the corporate world your lifestyle changes all of the sudden and this is the time when health has to be given more importance to cope with the changes and busy lifestyle. Here, we provide nutritious diet solutions to the corporate people with which they are always ready to accept any challenge.
  • Sports nutrition: Tailor made diet plans for sports people is provided by us because we know winning is everything for a sportsman and an active and a fit body always supports a sportsman to win.
  • Fashion/Celebrity diet: A well toned body plays a crucial role in a celebrity’s life and we specialize in Fashion/Celebrity diet. Specific diet plan is made for celebrities by focusing on every minute detail and their requirments.

A common saying that ‘Health is Wealth’ has always taught us the importance of staying healthy and Bollywood Diet Consultant is driven by this proverb. Keeping a regular check on health has become very important these days as we encounter health problems and diseases at a higher ratio now days. But, if we detect these problems at earlier stages, half of the problem gets solved and thus we can manage those more effectively. The various services we deal in, helps our client to live a healthy life by managing the health issues more efficiently and effectively.

We know that the needs of a body also varies from age to age and according to the work life of a person thus, experts at Bollywood Diet Consultant guides you at every step with a tailor made diet chart for every person as per the needs to face the daily life challenges with the help of workshops, seminars, business and personal consultations.

Cheerfulness is the best promoter of health and is as friendly to the mind as to the body. So, come to us, enjoy the phase of your well being and fulfill your dream of looking like the stars with amazing physique and a healthy mind.