Consultant Clinical Dietitian

Unique Hospital,
Opp kiran motor,
Nr. canal,
Civil hospital,
Charasta - sosyo circle-lane, Off ring road,
Surat - 395002
Consulting Timing: 1 pm To 3 pm
(Mon - Sat)

Sunshine Global Hospital,
Dumas Rd,
Beside Big Bazar,
Piplod, Gujarat
Surat - 395002
Consulting Timing: 6 pm To 8 pm
(Mon - Wed - Fri)

Bharat Cancer Hospital & Research Institute.
"Manavdaya Trust Sankul",
Surat - Bardoli Road,
Surat - 395010
HOD (Clinical Dietetics Department)

Prior On call appointments @ Mumbai & Ahmedabad

Telephone: +91 98252 99969 Email:

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Bollywood Diet Consultant is a professional diet clinic which provides various services related to diet and health to their customers. The way in which Bollywood Diet Consultant works is very unique and one of its kind. These day’s people have forgotten the famous quote which says “Health is Wealth”. They are more worried about the wealth and as a result lose their health. To help these people to remain healthy there is only one solution and that is Bollywood Diet Consultant.

We provide a gamut of services to our clients such as:

  • Diet and Lifestyle Consultation: Diet and Lifestyle consultation is all about giving you the tips to lead a healthy life. It is also about knowing the problems of people and giving the best solutions to them. Our prime concern is your wellness and thus we strive for it.
  • Health Workshops: These workshops are just like knowledge sharing sessions with our clients in which we share knowledge about the nutritional needs at every stage of life like Child, Adolescent, Adult, Pregnancy and Lactation and Geriatric nutrition. A group of people can attend these workshops and gain nutritional knowledge required for their well being.
  • Lectures and Seminars: The experts in our clinic guide you in the best way. They tug you, push you and take you to the next best level. It is said that a good advice given by a good mentor is always fruitful, so, we always give you the best advice for your health. Keeping our clients updated with the health and nutrition facts and solving their queries is our motive to take lectures and seminars.
  • BDC-Wellness Kit: This kit is exclusively developed by the experts of Bollywood Diet Consultant for our clients. It contains the useful tips and few tools which can guide you even when you are not at our clinic. You can take this along at your home and feel the presence of Bollywood Diet Consultant at your home also. We have promised to walk along with you in the wellness path and we will fulfill it by guiding you at every stage.
  • Corporate Partnerships: We love to bond with people and connect with them. Corporate partnerships have helped us to make a new relationship with the corporate sector. We provide each and every service related to diet and health of the employees. Services like corporate nutrition management and corporate kitchen management are also provided by us for the overall well being of the employees and employers of the organization.

Bollywood Diet Consultant believes in giving the best diet solutions to our clients. The various services provided by us under one roof will help you to stay healthy and fit for lifetime. We believe that a healthy body and a healthy mind can conquer anything in the world. It is our duty to keep them healthy by nourishing our body with all the necessary nutrients, the experts here shares every fact related to health and nutrition with you.Bollywood Diet Consultant is into the business of providing the diet and health services which can help you to cross any hurdle in the way of your fitness goal.