Consultant Clinical Dietitian

Unique Hospital,
Opp kiran motor,
Nr. canal,
Civil hospital,
Charasta - sosyo circle-lane, Off ring road,
Surat - 395002
Consulting Timing: 1 pm To 3 pm
(Mon - Sat)

Sunshine Global Hospital,
Dumas Rd,
Beside Big Bazar,
Piplod, Gujarat
Surat - 395002
Consulting Timing: 6 pm To 8 pm
(Mon - Wed - Fri)

Bharat Cancer Hospital & Research Institute.
"Manavdaya Trust Sankul",
Surat - Bardoli Road,
Surat - 395010
HOD (Clinical Dietetics Department)

Prior On call appointments @ Mumbai & Ahmedabad

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Lectures & Seminars

Good mentors always guide you in the best way. They tug you, push you and take you to the next level of the life. Bollywood Diet Consultant is one of the best consultants who guide you at every stage of life and takes you to the next best level. Our love for fitness and health has inspired us to spread the knowledge among others also and this passion has helped us to contribute our best to the society. We provide lectures and seminars to the fitness freaks. These lectures and seminars help people to learn new facts about health, fitness, nutrition and much more.

We have a vision of creating a healthy future and this can only be achieved when each and everyone contributes in the process of creating a healthy future. Bollywood Diet Consultant wants that every person should know the benefits of staying fit and must know all the facts related to health and fitness. To fulfill this dream we have started giving lectures and seminars. The experts of our clinic share knowledge with you and guide you at every moment. Information about various health issues is given to you so that you do not waste your time eating such a stuff, which is not beneficial for your body or causes harm to it. The main motive is to make people aware about the importance of health. The frequently discussed topics are related to diet, health, fitness and nutrition. These are basically knowledge sharing sessions where we share our knowledge with you.

At Bollywood Diet Consultant, every individual is given a chance to share his or her health problems with us. The lectures and seminars here are not one way, where an expert gives a lecture and the queries of people are not attended. Indeed, we stress more on knowing the problems of people and solving those problems. The changing environment and the daily routine of a person also affect the health of a person. If a person is tied up at work for the whole day or undergoes the changing environmental conditions, he/she has to intake a sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins to stay fit and to accept the day-to-day challenges at work. So, to keep going in our life we need to stay fit and healthy, and it is very important that a person should have an urge to learn all the important facts about health like diet and nutrition. Bollywood Diet Consultant helps people to learn each and every thing, which would help them to stay healthy and fit through the lectures, seminars and Bollywood Diet Wellness Kit provided to them.

We believe in providing easy and simple solutions to you, and lectures and seminars are the best way to spread our knowledge among you. It is not just a lecture; it is all about having fun and sharing some good experiences and knowledge of health and nutrition with each other so that we have some good moments to cherish. A good mentor and a guide take you to a right path and we promise o act as the best mentor for you, experts here will guide you at every step.