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Unique Hospital,
Opp kiran motor,
Nr. canal,
Civil hospital,
Charasta - sosyo circle-lane, Off ring road,
Surat - 395002
Consulting Timing: 1 pm To 3 pm
(Mon - Sat)

Sunshine Global Hospital,
Dumas Rd,
Beside Big Bazar,
Piplod, Gujarat
Surat - 395002
Consulting Timing: 6 pm To 8 pm
(Mon - Wed - Fri)

Bharat Cancer Hospital & Research Institute.
"Manavdaya Trust Sankul",
Surat - Bardoli Road,
Surat - 395010
HOD (Clinical Dietetics Department)

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Health Workshops

"Preserving the health of our body is a more challenging task when we have to preserve the health of our mind also". We become so busy in maintaining the health of our body that we even forget to enjoy the phase of our well being. Bollywood diet consultant is a consultant’s clinic, which has been providing you a helping hand and assistance, and will continue to provide that. We act as a mentor for you. Thus, in every step of the ladder to your fitness dream we guide you by providing nutrition information.

Our life undergoes different stages and every stage of life has some specific nutritional needs and these needs continually changes by time as we move on in our life. So, we have to keep ourselves updated with the knowledge of health and nutrition. Bollywood Diet Consultant understands the importance of this need thus we provide a special privilege of workshops to our clients. These workshops are just like knowledge sharing sessions with the clients in whom we share knowledge about the nutritional needs at every stage of life like Child, Adolescent, Adult, Pregnancy and Lactation and Geriatric nutrition.

For the purpose of sharing information with you all, we have chosen the mode of workshops which would help you gain knowledge about various topics like,

  • Child nutrition: The prime concern of parents is the growth and development of their child and for this, intake of a desired level of nutrition is very important. Nutritional needs of a child differ from adult needs thus we always have to pay a special attention towards the child nutrition. Bollywood diet consultant gives you the best advice for your child, as we know how precious children are to their parents.
  • Adolescent nutrition:Change is a part of our life and when we move from childhood to adulthood we witness many changes. In the adolescent stage of life we undergo so many hormonal changes that keeping a check on our health becomes very important to avoid malnutrition or obesity.
  • Adult nutrition:Adults have a busy lifestyle and due to this they mostly ignore their health. But, to keep a pace with the busy lifestyle a diet they must follow full of nutrition and nourishment is also important to avoid bone related problems at later stages.
  • Pregnancy and Lactation:During pregnancy a lady has to take utmost care of her diet as she carries a life in her womb. Knowing what to eat and what not to eat becomes important so, we tell you about the safe and healthy eating tips.
  • Geriatric nutrition:We get older day by day and with this transition we need to focus more on our nourishment to stay healthy. We suggest that older people must eat healthy, nutritious and light food.

Experts of Bollywood Diet Consultant, where a group of people can come and gain knowledge about Nutrition take workshops, attend lectures and seminars . These workshops are taken on a regular basis and thus we spread the knowledge and keep people updated with the latest news and nutrition information. So, if you are with us you are definitely going to achieve even more exciting results than you could ever possibly imagine and can cherish the healthy moments with your loves ones.