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Corporate Wellness

Manpower is the major component of every organization because these are the people with whom your organization runs and compete with others in the industry. Their health is the prime concern of employers these days. Due to work load and stress, the health problems in the corporate sector are increasing at an alarming rate which results into a big loss as the productivity and the quality of work decreases because of poor health of the employees. Bollywood diet consultant understands the importance of employees, employers and their well-being because a healthier workforce can take your organization to highest level of success. Thus, we make a tailor made corporate diet plan for the corporate people.

We have expertise in providing diet plans to every individual in the corporate sector as per the need and their job. These are for the following people:

  • Desk Lovers: we make a specific diet plan for the people who have to be seated at their desks for the whole day. A health issue like high B.P, stress and obesity attacks mainly these people because of less movement and exercise. So, if you are a desk lover we will take care of your health by providing you all the nutrients required in your diet.
  • Frequent Travelers: If you have a job in which traveling takes all your time and moving around has become your life, you need to take utmost care of your health. Frequent travelling makes you week and you may encounter health disorders. So, when you have to move we walk along you by providing the healthiest diet solutions to you.
  • Night shift/BPO workers: These people have a different life from all of us, they have to wake up whole night and work and thus they become more adapt to tea, coffee and unhealthy snacks which have a bad impact on their health. We guide every night shift worker by providing diet solutions as per their job.
  • Physical workers: They are mostly involved in physical tasks, more energy is required by them to complete their work and as a result, at the day end they feel tired and lazy. A balanced diet is crucial for them to keep their energy level high. We help you to tackle this problem by providing the best diet solutions.

In the corporate world everybody sets their goal and chases them. But, due to this they ignore their health badly. It is well said that a bad health is not due to what you do not have; it is just because of your ignorance and disturbing what you already have. A person cannot achieve his goals until he/she is healthy, because if a person is unhealthy then the level of productivity reduces and this ultimately leads to a loss for the people and the organization as well. Thus, a common practice of corporate wellness can be seen in the companies these days.

Corporate wellness can benefit the organization in various ways as it

  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces employee turnover
  • Increases the goodwill of the organization
  • Reduces the medical claims by the workers

Corporate wellness is related to the overall well being of the organization. It is a state when every individual in the organization is living a healthy lifestyle. Bollywood Diet Consultantís prime motive for the corporate wellness program is to nurture every person in the corporate world through meal plans and diet evaluation nutrition for healthy employee and nutrition for sports person with macro and micro nutrient tracking.